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How to take a romantic picture with a meteor shower

Date:2017-03-30 Author:芭乐视频黄色网站小編 Click:

    Before and after Christmas, everywhere permeated with warm festal atmosphere, beautiful streets, the meteor shower lights of profusion, lovely decorations, the streets seem to have become a star, so romantic thing how can a person go to, don't keep on with girlfriends friend to play lights, shoot a romantic and cool the lights of the meteor shower!



    Equipment required for shooting is as follows:

    A good camera and a zoom lens: while the prime lens is better suited for a beautiful shot with scattered views, the prime lens is relatively flat.

    Overhead flash: used for lighting the main body when shooting night scenes

    One portable tripods: assist with long exposure during night photography

    Recipe 1: turn out the dazzle

    When shooting, you can try to use the combination of slow door and flash, slow down the shutter speed, and set the camera as the second curtain to synchronize. At this time, the background light will be exposed. When the flash light is on, the backlight will be exposed.

    Try a tiled colored light on the background, with the flash and slow door, slightly parallel-sloshing the camera after pressing the shutter, as if the whole picture is moving.

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