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Household electrical light source products are mainly divided into the following 6 categories

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Products of household electric light source are mainly divided into the following 6 categories:


Incandescent lamp

    Range is most complete, chromogenic sex is best but calorific is big, life is short, smooth color is onefold, energy effect is inferior. The place that still USES to get it now is the bath desk lamp that the bathroom USES to heat. Its electrical energy is converted into heat energy and is particularly good for heating. Now the hot summer is uncomfortable, people joke that life is air-conditioned. In hangzhou without heating equipment, winter bath time, in addition to warm wind equipment, your life is also baobao to give.

Halogen lamp

    Also known as tungsten halogen bulb, quartz bulb, the essence is the incandescent lamp that infuses halogen element to strengthen, compare common incandescent lamp brightness is high, color temperature range is wide, life is long, be used commonly at the place that needs to collect lighting, for instance domestic atmosphere lamp, car headlamp, the lamp in the shop counter shoots a light.

    The owner that still is using halogen lamp in the home, in use respect pay attention to: halogen lamp outer casing cannot stick to dye hand mark, oily wait, can reduce service life otherwise. At the same time, good heat dissipation must be ensured to avoid rapid fluctuation of ambient temperature.

Fluorescent lamp

    Also known as fluorescent lamp, look from the outside is an airtight meteor lamp tube, produce ultraviolet ray to excite the phosphor on the lamp tube wall and glow, the life that besmears different phosphor gives out different color light, it is about 5000-10000 hours. In the past, fluorescent lamps were widely used in large halls, offices and homes, but they were not very power-efficient.

Energy-saving lamps

    It is a widely used type of lamp, which can be turned on at the moment when the switch is pressed. Due to its small size and energy-saving advantages, it has been advocated by the state in the past. But contain mercury, waste products can not be recycled, damage will pollute the environment, impact on health. Again, both fluorescent and energy-saving lamps contain heavy metal mercury, and damage can pollute the environment. Do not throw the waste lamp into the living garbage. In addition, please try not to use in the environment of fog, wet or heavy dust, and avoid short circuit fire hazard.

LED lights

    Generally refers to the LED lamp pearl lamp, the industry name is the light emitting diode, now because of the continuous improvement of energy efficiency ratio, the pollution is little, the price is close to the public, gradually replace the energy saving lamp into thousands of households, the service life is about 30,000 to 80,000 hours, some products can reach 100,000 hours. I will talk about the light source products in the home decoration example application, mainly LED lamp, other lamp type collocations use.

    There is also a development type, called led meteor light. It is a new product developed in order to break the light Angle limit of the LED LED lighting product mentioned above. However, due to the heat dissipation technology, the power cannot be very large. At present, LED bead lamp cannot be replaced, and it can only be used as the matching light source, with a lifespan of about 30,000-50,000 hours.

    These two products of led above are the trend of home decoration lighting at present. They can be used in combination according to different demands of area, brightness and color temperature to achieve the ideal lighting effect.