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Meteor shower lamp features and application fields

Date:2017-03-08 Author:芭乐视频官网下载小編 Click:


    The LED of LED meteor shower lamp is a solid cold light source, encapsulated with epoxy resin, without filament heating. Rated voltage, constant current supply, ensure long - term LED operation, very small light failure. High brightness LED light source, with pure color and no light spots, can achieve lifelike meteor effect. Easy installation, dust - proof and leakage proof. And the use of high - quality hard PCB circuit board, integrated circuit procedures to make the light like a meteor, natural smooth light. Use durable high temperature and high performance molding material high quality PC lamp, anti-aging, toughness

    Good, high impact resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, color consistency, good light transmittance, transparent color of pipes. The case is durable, non-discolouration, non-deformation, environmental protection waterproof, waterproof grade is IP65.




    LED meteor shower light is three fengyuan LED lighting lamp lighting series, develop a meteor across the night sky, visual aesthetic limit, break through the traditional concept of unexpectedly lamp can be hung on the trees, the houses along the wall surface, especially suitable for government project hung on the trees on both sides of the streets and parks, tourist attractions, green belts, etc., to add to the beauty of life, can choose color: white, red, yellow, green, blue 5 colors.

    The characteristics of

    1. Meteor effect, romantic and aesthetic;

    2. External drive, low-voltage power supply;

    3. Add or subtract the number of lamp tubes arbitrarily, and give play to it at will;

    4. Waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-proof, free from time and space restrictions;

Application field

    Architectural decoration, tree decoration on both sides of streets, park decoration, riverside decoration, urban nightview lighting, scenic spot beautification, garden, community nightly decoration, hotel, shopping mall,

    Entertainment places around the environment night decoration, home decoration.