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Led meteor lamp debugging method summary

Date:2017-03-02 Author:芭乐视频黄色网站小編 Click:

    The success of theater lighting design is marked by the proper handling of led meteor lights. Led meteor lamp not only needs to illuminate the actor, let the audience see facial expression, expression and movement clearly, more importantly, fully USES the illumination technology, transfers the light operation and other means to strengthen the artistic effect, causes the audience to have the immersive feeling. The installation position, function and lamp configuration of led meteor lamp can be divided into two types according to its use function: adjustable dimming circuit; A flat loop in which light cannot be dimmed.



Stage lighting mode

    A. General lighting: refers to the overhead light and an overhanging stage as part of the overhead light, as well as lighting on the grape frame and overpass.

    B. Key lighting: refers to face light, slap light, column light, side light, foot light, flowing light and low-angle side light of the protruding stage, inner (outer) side light, rotary table flowing light and low pressure socket of music lamp set in music pool.

    C. Decorative lighting: refers to sky lighting, ground lighting and laser effectors used on the stage, chasing light, flowing music fountain and various computer lights.

Led meteor lamp control system structure module

    1. Human-computer interface module

    The function of the man-machine interface module is to receive the control instruction of the controller, which can be realized by simple industrial control panel. After receiving the instruction, the module does not translate the instruction, and directly transfers the key information to the main control module via RS485 bus.

    2. Main control module

    The master control machine is the core part of the whole lighting control system. It is responsible for the connection between the upper control interface and the lower hardware control module. After receiving the key information from the control module, the master controller is translated to form a binary control instruction. Then, the master controller composes a frame of complete data according to the received instruction and the address of the relevant control module, which is transmitted to the downstream bus through RS485 bus, and each underlying control module gets its own data according to the address match.

    3. Underlying control module

    The underlying control module is a hardware device that directly controls the behavior of led meteor lights. As the number of led meteor lights is generally large, the number of control modules is generally between 10 and 20. All control modules are attached to the same bus and programmed independently. When the master controller sends the data to the bus, all the control modules receive the data information, and analyze their own instructions and execute them according to the address information contained in the frame structure.

    The three modules use RS485 bus to communicate with each other and transmit data at a fixed baud rate. The control module of led meteor lamp control system has two main functions: one is to communicate with the main control machine and receive instructions from the upper level. The second is to control the light action according to the command hardware circuit. The two modules are described below.