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What is an LED meteor light?

Date:2017-02-16 Author:芭乐视频黄小編 Click:


    LED meteor lamp products use high quality hard PCB circuit board, high brightness super high quality chip, blue, white double-sided luminescence through IC chip programming, can achieve the effect of meteor chasing. The integrated circuit program allows the light to flow naturally like a meteor.

    The LED meteor lamp USES the high quality hard PCB circuit board, the high brightness ultra high quality LED, contains the integrated circuit program to let the light like the meteor, the light naturally smoothly slides. With the acrylic shell for protection, environmental protection waterproof, waterproof grade of IP65. LED meteor light, also known as "the LED meteor tubes" is a kind of landscape outdoor chandeliers, suitable for hanging on the branches, the eaves and any objects to hang on, replacing the traditional rice bulb article ice ice lamp and LED lamp, meteor shower lights easy to installation, waterproof, luminance, flashing effect just like the meteor in the night sky the walls in the air. Can connect freely according to the environment, you can set flicker effect according to your requirements; The color is white. This is a new kind of engineering lighting product, as the change of shooting star, the light is natural and smooth, the acrylic shell is outside for protection, environmentally friendly and waterproof.



    It is widely used in bars, diba halls, hotel halls, garden squares, pedestrian streets, courtyards, dance halls, parks, roads, staircases, gardens, buildings, shopping malls, hair salons and other decorations without installation.

    Zhongshan future star lighting co., LTD is the production and processing base of LED lamps of WLZX brand. The company is located in the ancient town, the lighting capital of China. Here convenient transportation, developed economy, beautiful environment. Founded in 2008, the company covers an area of 2,500 square meters with an annual production value of nearly 13 million us dollars.

    The company introduces international advanced equipment and automatic production line. The company has a group of top production and management talents from domestic lighting industry, with more than 7 years of experience in lighting production and independent research and development, providing reliable guarantee for the quality and innovation of our products.

    The company mainly produces led meteor lamp, meteor lamp tube, meteor shower lamp and other led series products. We provide customization and OEM/ODM services.

Future star brand lamp is popular at home and abroad. In China, we set up a sales department in the town of lighting accessories. Abroad, our products are exported to the United States, Pakistan, India, united Arab emirates, Turkey, Latvia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries and regions.