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The difference between LED meteor light and LED point light

Date:2017-02-05 Author:芭乐视频官网下载小編 Click:


    Want to know in lighting project, when choosing LED meteor light and LED point light source, are they used the same? Two lamps and lanterns have similar place to also have different place, the distinction that explains meteor lamp and point illuminant for everybody below.

    Differences in luminous patterns:

    (1) the LED meteor light has a mode of four-side and five-side luminescence, and users can choose the color constant light or seven-color internal control. The light effect is like a shining star.

    (2) there is only one surface of LED point light source light mode, which can make the effect of monochromatic constant light, seven-color internal control and full-color external control, etc. In addition, the biggest difference between it and the meteor lamp is that the external LED point light source can make the floor screen show dynamic animation effect.



    Differences in use:

    LED meteor light is often used for decoration in the lighting of the building, and it can be installed in the hollow part of the clearance light to make up the deficiency.

    LED point light source can be used to make tube screen effect point light screen, also can be used as the outline of the lighting effect, known as "running horse lamp".

    The LED point light source

    Therefore, in lighting project, LED meteor light and LED point light source have different USES, and users can choose appropriate lighting lamps according to different USES.