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LED lamp with exterior frame contrast!

Date:2017-01-07 Author: Click:

  The LED strip has a symbol of "scissors" per meter, which can only be cut off when the symbol is broken. Some may deviate from the symbol. Please carefully look at the symbolic prescription before cutting. The device and appearance design of the product must conform to the reality of the product. You can tell by looking carefully. Therefore, fewer customers can request us to cut, pick up, and try the delivery, we are willing to work for you free.1483089034177947.jpg

    Each light strip must be equipped with a special plug (plug with transformer), we use the original, we must use the correct appearance to make reference when buying. Need to beat; When the connection is made, the transparent plastic cover plate must be removed, and the test lamp should be connected before the cover is covered. Must not connect with cover directly, such simple short circuit!

    Rainbow led strip

    When the LED strip is installed, it is usually placed in the lamp slot and can be straightened or fixed with a cord or wire. For external or vertical mounting, additional air purchase clamps and tail plug are required. The original clip is fully transparent. In the product layout of LED lamp belt, the principle features are mainly about product performance. Our store does not give gifts -- if the equipment is outdoors, it is waterproof glass glue for the tail plug and plug place after the equipment is finished.

    The price of the LED lamp band that buys again on market nowadays is mixed have expensive also cheap, these say absolutely not, the quality that depends on you USES what brand lamp bead and lamp bead is how, from a few to 100 come from. The LED strips made by good brands are, of course, more expensive than the usual LED strips.