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What is an led light band?

Date:2017-01-06 Author: Click:

    The lamp is a kind of common lamps and lanterns that we live in China and Japan, basically every household has different kinds of lamps and lanterns. Led strip, I don't know if you know what it is, today I will tell you what led strip is? Led strip is a light strip formed by connecting some bulbs in a series of different processes. As the symbol of joy, festivity and romance, it is widely used in wedding, festival, ceremony and other various stages and parties, bridge building and other landscape, and even used by many people to decorate their homes. But for an led, it's a lot of power, even though it's shiny. Many people have questioned this, led lights with electricity? Today, we will answer the question about whether the led lamp belt consumes electricity or not.



    What is an led strip?

    Led lamp belt refers to the led lamp is welded to copper wire or strip flexible circuit board with special processing technology, and then connected to the power source to emit light, which is named because its luminous shape is like a strip of light.

I. main features

1. Soft and can curl like wires;

2. Able to shear and extend;

3. The bulb and circuit are completely covered in flexible plastic, with good insulation and waterproof performance and safe operation;

4. Strong weather resistance;

5. No rupture, long service life;

6. Easy to make shapes like graphics and characters.

Second, the advantages of

    The led strip also has the essential advantages of being a lamp: variable luminous color, adjustable light, control of color change, choice of monochrome and RGB effect, bringing colorful visual effects to the environment.

Rainbow led strip

Scope of application

    Led lights belt is widely used in buildings, Bridges, roads, gardens, yard, floor, ceiling, furniture, automobiles, advertising, signs, signs, ponds, water, etc, used for decoration and lighting, for all kinds of festival activities, such as the National Day of Christmas, Halloween, valentine's day, Easter, added infinite joy and festive mood, such as its indomitable vitality of its advertising, decoration, construction, commercial, five advantages of gift market, and exported to Japan, the European Union, Australia and other countries and regions. It is widely used in building wheel gallery, bridge, guardrail, hotel, park, dance hall, advertisement decoration and so on.

    Do led lights require electricity?

    There are two types of common led lights, one is connected by small incandescent bulb. This led band is not very common in the market. Although it is cheap, only a few yuan for a meter, it is very expensive and has a short service life. Therefore, user experience and popularity are very low. Bring, and the other is a LEDled lights LEDled lamp belt is the mainstream of led lights on the market at present, the beautiful and rich decorative, convenient, durable, and many other advantages favored by the masses of users. With online said LEDled lamp is very demanding, so a lot of people after buying the LEDled lamp tape, used once or twice and then aside, some families, too, worry about battery life, decorative led lights belt will open a once in a while, become a "vase" is both a waste of resources. So bring really inefficient LEDled lights? Let the data speak!

    We all know that light bulbs have a variety of power, 50W, 100W, 200W, and so on, as well as led strips. Generally we commonly used LEDled lamp with power 1.5 W per meter, 4.8 W and 7.2 W. 7.2W is the highest power consumption in daily use. Let's take the led lamp with the highest power consumption at 7.2W per meter. Assuming we use 6 hours per day, the daily power consumption is 7.2W*6h=43.2Wh. The monthly electricity consumption is: 43.2Wh*30=1296Wh, or 1.296 KWH, so the annual electricity consumption is 1296Wh*12=15552Wh, or 15.552 KWH. Incandescent bulbs, which are used all the time in every household. If 100W incandescent bulbs are used for 6 hours a day, then 6 hours of electricity will be consumed

    100Wh*6=600Wh, or 0.6c. Even incandescent bulbs are more powerful than led bulbs, so data on the power of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and so on is irrelevant.

    This is also our assumed maximum power consumption led strip, which is sufficient for the average household to use 1.2W led strip. And in fact, we don't use the led strip for up to six hours a day, which is just a maximum estimate of power consumption, but enough to show that the led strip doesn't use electricity. More happily, many of the led lights on the market are energy-saving, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and beautiful, and are well received by the majority of users.