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Installation guide for LED strip

Date:2017-01-05 Author: Click:

    1. Indoor installation: when the LED lamp belt is used for indoor decoration, it is very simple to install since it does not need to withstand wind and rain. Take the LED strip produced by optical rainbow electronics as an example. Each LED strip is affixed with self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive tape on the back. When installed, you can directly tear off the sticker of 3M double-sided adhesive surface. As for some places need corner or long how to do? It is very simple. The LED lamp belt is a circuit structure composed of three leds in series and parallel. Each LED can be cut and used separately.

    2. Outdoor installation: outdoor installation is subject to wind and rain. If it is fixed with 3M adhesive, the LED strip will fall off after a long time. Where shear and connection is required, the method is the same as indoor installation, only with additional waterproof glue to consolidate the waterproof effect of the joint.

    3. Power connection method: the general voltage of LED lamp belt is dc 12V, so switching power supply is needed. The power supply size is determined according to the power and connection length of LED lamp belt. If you do not want to control each LED strip with one power source, you can buy a relatively high power switch power source to make the total power source, and then all LED strips can be connected in parallel (if the wire size is not enough, it can be extended additionally), and all LED strips can be powered by the total power source. The advantage of this is that it can be centrally controlled, and the inconvenience is that the lighting effect and switch control of a single LED strip cannot be realized, and the specific method can be measured by oneself.

    4. Connection mode of controller: the LED running horse lamp belt and RGB full color lamp belt need to use controller to achieve varying effect, and the control distance of each controller is different. Generally speaking, the control distance of simple controller is 10 to 15 meters, the control distance of remote controller is 15 to 20 meters, and the longest can be controlled to 30 meters. If the LED strip is connected over a long distance and the controller can't control that long strip, then a power amplifier needs to be used for taping.

    5. Pay attention to the connection distance of LED strips: generally speaking, the connection distance of LED strips of 3528 series is as long as 20 meters, that of LED strips of 5050 series is as long as 15 meters. If the connection distance is beyond that, the LED strip will heat easily, which will affect the service life of the LED strip. Therefore, the installation must be done in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, do not allow LED lights to run over the load.