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LED lamp belt factory teaches you installation method seven steps in place

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LED lamp belt factory teaches you installation method seven steps in place

    1. Four lines of LED lights have four wires and three rows of lights (note that there are not four rows of lights oh ~~). Each row is 1 meter and 24 lights, 24*3=72. Since the power of each bead is 0.05W, the power of 72 LED strip is 72*0.05=3.6W.

    2. The four-wire LED lamp has a bandwidth of about 22mm, a thickness of about 8mm and a component of about 0.25kg/m (4 m/kg). Since the power of each bead is 0.05w, the power of 72 bead zone is: 72*0.05= 3.6w.

    3. Each LED lamp shall be equipped with a special plug (plug with transformer); It is necessary to remove the bright plastic cover plate and cover it after the lamp is connected. Do not cut directly with cover connection, such as easy short circuit!


    4. There is a "hinge shear" sign for each meter, which can only be cut in the sign. If the sign is cut wrong or off, one meter will not light up! Some may hit a few because of marking, had better be to cut carefully before the position of mark place, press the local place that did not connect to cut by the center can. You can tell by looking carefully. Technical support: guangzhou qianbo network, website construction company.

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    5. When the LED lamp belt device is installed, it is usually placed in the lamp groove and can be straightened. It can also be fixed with thin rope or thin iron wire. For external or vertical mounting, additional air purchase clamps and tail plug are required. The original clip is fully open, and it is better to put waterproof glass glue on the tail plug and plug place after installation.

    6, the last light belt use are must be a dedicated plug line, so you remember to buy when buy lamp with led lights with plug oh, also have to distinguish the lamp with plug, is generally divided into 5050 lamp with plug and 3528 lamp plug, so at the time of purchase must match, don't make wrong oh, if you are buying led5050 patch lamp tape then buy 5050 lamp accordingly with plug, if you are buying 3528 light to bring you will buy 3528 plug.

    7. One side of the plug is inserted into the lamp band, as long as the plug is aimed at the remaining jack. Then remove the switch and insert the switch jack with the other side of the plug. After simple combination, we need to test to see if the power supply is connected in reverse. If the light is on, the connection is correct. If the light is off, the connection should be reversed. If the power is off, remove the plug and connect it in the reverse direction. After the completion of the assembly we start to install, find a screwdriver remove fixed lamp belt clip and match the screw, the need to install the fixed place, such as many families will install in the ceiling, bring light into the ceiling, with a fixed clamp, generally placed between two meters a clamp fixed. After all is fixed, finished, connect the power to open the light can be used normally.