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Hong Kong environmental protection bureau: promote energy saving lamps and LED bulbs, LED lighting is a bright future!

Date:2017-01-03 Author: Click:


    Hong Kong's environment secretary, Mr Wong kam-sing, said the government was stepping up the phasing out of incandescent bulbs by reducing their supply and promoting more energy efficient lighting.

    Mr Wong replied in a written reply to a question by legco member Mr Leung jichang on 27 January, pointing out that in the past decade, lighting consumption has accounted for about 15 per cent of the total electricity consumption in Hong Kong.

    Currently, 36 suppliers and 28 retailers are participating in the charter scheme, promising to completely stop selling and restocking incandescent bulbs. The electrical and mechanical services department (emsd) conducts regular field inspections to monitor and ensure the effective implementation of the stoppage arrangements.

    Energy saving lamps contain trace amounts of mercury and release a small amount of gasified mercury if the tube is damaged, but transporting and disposing of them under normal circumstances will not affect the health of the public and waste disposal staff, Mr Wong said.

    It is required by law that if a person abandons these lighting products in large quantities, they must be properly packed and marked and collected by a licensed chemical waste collector for disposal at the tsing yi chemical waste treatment centre.

    The epd supports the industry in setting up a recycling programme to collect waste energy saving lamps handed over by household users free of charge and send them to the treatment centre.