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LED deformation memory: reduce the load and increase the "light"

Date:2017-01-03 Author: Click:

    The development of human society for several years has changed the lighting apparatus from wood, kerosene lamp and gas lamp to gas discharge lamp and LED light source lamp. After much human effort, "light" climbed the peak of human civilization. In the process of climbing, the light has been reducing the load and the energy consumption is lower and lower. Finally, the light and heat gradually separate and become more and more weightless. In the future, light will become more arbitrary and even more human and rational. Thus, the light created by the creator prior to the creation of human beings was gradually able to communicate with human beings.

    The transformation of lighting

    LED lighting technology has made unprecedented great progress, and the energy it brings is of high efficiency and durability, which undoubtedly brings a radical change to lighting technology. In addition, the LED chip is very small and can be embedded in a small space. Its application range is broader than the traditional light source, and its color rendering index is also becoming ideal.

    The great success of LED technology brings infinite possibilities to the lighting industry, especially in the lighting design field. Personalized lighting design can better reflect the designer's intention, while completing functional lighting.

    Along with the development of LED, many research institutes and chip manufacturers also regard OLED technology as their important development direction. OLED products can be made smaller, can be applied in more places, and more room for future development.

Lighting and health

    In modern society, people are so stressed about their work and life that they can no longer rely on their biological clock as before. So, life is full of all kinds of unexpected things. With the development of lighting, people can now count on lighting to help them adjust their life rhythm.

    Thanks to the advancement of lamp control technology, we can make lighting have some special functions. For example, in office lighting, when people start to work in the morning, the lighting can be appropriately added some blue components, which will make people more energetic and less tired; In the afternoon, the blue component fades; By evening, the lights will be warmer. Research shows that employees are more active, perform better and sleep better in such environments.

    Lighting and human body

    The study found that in addition to rods and cones, the human visual system relies on ganglion cells, which connect directly to the brain, which controls the body clock.

In general, the habit of working during the day and resting at night depends to some extent on the cellular biological clock. As a result, the light that shines on people can actually affect their lives, sleep, wake times and hormone secretion.

    According to this principle, people use advanced lighting technology to change the lighting environment to achieve the desired state of the body. Besides improving people's attention and mental state, lighting technology can also be used to help people treat certain diseases.

    Lighting and art

    Since ancient times, lighting has not only brought illumination function to people, but also become an important means of expression of various art forms. From the ancient shadow puppetry and hand puppetry to the later film and TV, which is not the function of light to achieve artistic expression? Today, more artists and lighting designers use light to create more works of art with their creative imagination.

    We've seen this huge potential in several light shows, and we've been impressed by the art of light installations. Currently, lighting installation art made by lighting artists and designers is not difficult to see in urban buildings, squares and parks. Different from other art forms, the art of lighting, apart from aesthetic considerations, such as durability and light efficiency are important factors.